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Friday is sports journalism class day at Shantou, and this morning I introduced the blog project to my two classes, Introduction to Sports Journalism and the Sports Journalism Reporting Workshop. In all, we have over fifty students this semester studying sports journalism at the university. When I got here a year ago and made my first presentation about sports journalism to the students, seven people signed up for my first class. What a difference a year (and a year closer to 2008) makes!

The students decided on their first article topics today. Each of seven groups will be writing a short piece on an aspect of Chinese sports culture that might not be so well-known in the West. Know what the game of “shuttlecock” is all about? How about Chinese chess? And why is that considered a sport, anyway? What are all those Chinese fans saying when they cheer “JIA-YOU!” (pronounced “gee-ah yo!”) for their favorite athlete? Stay tuned and you’ll find out next week.

After class I took the five-hour bus to Hong Kong, where I’ll be until early next week. I had completely forgotten (true confession: I did not have any idea) that the Hong Kong Rugby Sevens tournament was taking place this weekend. Evidently, it’s a Very Big Deal in rugby world. There are thousands of people running around Hong Kong Island as I write tonight, sporting rugby jerseys, drinking beer out of very large pitchers and appearing to have a grand ole time. On the tram to Central this evening from Causeway Bay I was offered a ticket for Sunday’s matches, for the cool price of 800 Hong Kong dollars (about 100 dollars U.S.). If only I was a rugby fan…

~ Nicole

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