May Day arriving – Blog sporadic – Author in Sydney

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Great news about the site traffic – in just a month of existence, the China Sports Blog has had hits from sixteen different countries. The lion’s share (over 48%) are from the United States, but a sizeable minority (almost 25%) have been from China – and from both English and Chinese-language browsers to boot. The hottest search topic right now? CCTV-5′s broadcast schedule for the NBA finals, of course. Even without the Rockets and Yao Ming, the NBA is a super-hot ticket in China. Last year I wandered into Shantou University’s journalism computer lab at 10 a.m. one fine morning…to see almost every computer tuned to a live streaming edition of the last game of the NBA finals. That’s called major popularity, and it’s only going to get bigger as even more talented Chinese players jump over to the NBA after paying their dues in the CBA and national team.

Monday is May 1st, also known as May Day or Labor Day in China (click here for a full list of Chinese holidays). Students have the week off – a nationwide spring break. I’m off to Sydney to do some sightseeing. I was trying to remember earlier today how many summer Olympic host cities I’ve visited…I came up with London, Paris, Tokyo, Mexico City, Montreal, Moscow, Los Angeles, Seoul, St. Louis (1904!), Helsinki, and Athens. So Sydney will be number twelve – not counting Beijing, of course, which is still more than two years away from the big day.

The blog will hopefully be published sporadically during the week if I have decent Internet access and enough energy after checking out the Sydney Opera House and such things. A few friends have insisted that I go down to Melbourne to catch a game of Australian Rules Football, which is evidently almost as big Down Under as Euro football is everywhere in the world except, of course, my homeland. I’ll see what I can do about seeing a game of “footy” up close while searching for the kangaroos. In the meantime, best wishes for a great week.

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