Badminton and Basketball Updates

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There appear to be only two sports in the worlds of China Sports Blog readers this week: badminton and the Thomas and Uber Cup finals in Japan, and, whoa, NBA basketball. I can’t believe the amount of interest that readers all over the world have in the NBA finals, and specifically in CCTV-5′s broadcast schedule. I’ll do my best to keep you as informed as possible. It now looks from the NBA’s playoff schedule as though CCTV-5 viewers will be treated to the Lakers-Phoenix game on Sunday morning (China time), and perhaps the Cleveland-Washington game on Saturday morning…if the schedules sync up with CCTV-5′s published schedule, that is. No matter what, there should definitely be some basketball action on CCTV-5 this weekend – get up early (if you’re in China) and enjoy.

In badminton news, scroll down a bit on the Daily Telegraph’s sports page to see a news clip about England’s team losing in the final eight to China. Andrew Smith gave a spirited effort against China’s world number one, Lin Dan, before falling to Lin. China has since qualified for the Thomas Cup final – check out this report from BBC sport. The women’s Uber Cup will pit China against Holland.

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