China Unstoppable in Thomas and Uber Cups

Posted in Badminton at 6:26 pm by Nicole

It’s official: China has won both the Thomas (men’s) and Uber (women’s) Cup team badminton competitions in Tokyo. Check out this report from the Asian Badminton Confederation with all the details.

The stars of the Chinese team include world number one on the men’s side, Lin Dan – a household name in China. Wikipedia has a decent biography of Lin Dan, which unfortunately won’t be accessible to readers inside the PRC. The Badminton Central Photo Gallery has some good shots of Lin in action.

Look for men’s and women’s badminton to be some of the hottest tickets in Beijing in 2008, along with men’s and women’s table tennis, and women’s volleyball. Those along with traditional Chinese powerhouse sports like gymnastics and diving…and don’t forget track and field on the night of the 110-meter hurdles final, where everyone expects Liu Xiang (who won yesterday in Tokyo) to be in the hunt for his second consecutive Olympic gold medal in the event.

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