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It’s Sunday, not a normal publishing day for the China Sports Blog, but after being away for May Day I wanted to get caught up with a few news links.

Tennis: Li Na has qualified for the semifinals of the German Open. According to the New York Times, this is the first time Li has qualified for the semifinals of a major tournament. She will play Nadia Petrova in the semis.

Boxing: Cuba is competing against China this week in Havana, and so far, the Cubans are doing very well. Prensa Latina has a full report.

Volleyball: Scroll down a bit on this page at the Winnepeg Sun for a short news item on China’s men’s volleyball team – they’re playing Canada in an exhibition match at the University of Manitoba on Monday, May 15. It’s rare to hear news of the men’s team – in China, it’s women’s volleyball that rules the roost. There’s even a cheer in Chinese: “爱我中华,爱我女排” (“ai-wo-zhong-hua, ai-wo-nu-pai” – “I love my China, and I love my women’s volleyball team”). The women’s team won the 2004 Olympic gold medal and not surprisingly for a country that loves its Olympic champions, it’s one of the most popular teams in China.

Cricket: Australian cricket star-turned-coach Rob Marsh has some complimentary words for the future of cricket in China in this report from CricInfoAustralia on the Dubai Sports City, where Marsh will direct the ICC Global Cricket Academy. I’ve not yet seen a bit of cricket on the mainland (Hong Kong, of course, is another story), but with so many international sports finding their way to China’s shores, who knows what the future holds? Wickets in Wuhan? Stay tuned.

Track and Field: Olympic 10,000 meter champion Xing Huina will join the field for the women’s 3000-meter race at the adidas Track Classic next Sunday, according to this report from Runner’s Web.

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