If It’s Summer, It Must Be Doping

Posted in 2008 Olympics, News at 12:09 pm by Nicole

Doping stories are sure to take center stage this summer as the big endurance and strength sports start their 2006 outdoor seasons. The San Jose Mercury News has just published an excellent piece on the realities of doping in track and field. Though this article isn’t specifically China-related, it’s a must-read for those tracking doping issues ahead of the 2008 Olympics. For the record, the Chinese Olympic Committee has come out very strongly against doping and the Chinese Olympic Committee Anti-Doping Commission has both Chinese and English-language websites devoted to providing the public with information about the nation’s anti-doping efforts.

For more information about China’s anti-doping efforts, check out “China’s anti-doping quality control system wins international certification” on the Beijing 2008 website.

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