I Love World Cup!

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“我爱世界杯!” (Wo ai shi-jie-bei!) That’s how you say it in Mandarin Chinese: “I love World Cup!”

There’s even a show on CCTV-5 by that name. China is a football-crazy country, even though their men didn’t qualify for the 2006 World Cup, which starts in two weeks in Germany. (To see who did qualify, click here.) But because we know so many readers of the China Sports Blog love World Cup, here are a few websites to give you all the information you need to follow your favorite teams:

The official FIFA World Cup Home Page (English)

The official FIFA World Cup Home Page (Chinese)

CCTV-5 World Cup Website (Chinese)

Sohu.com’s World Cup Website (Chinese)

Sina.com’s World Cup Website (Chinese)

We’re getting lots of inquiries as to when CCTV-5 will be broadcasting the games. The broadcast schedule at the CCTV-5 website only gets updated on a weekly basis but CCTV has an entire website dedicated to the World Cup, so hopefully they’ll offer a more complete broadcast schedule. I’ll sift through all those Chinese characters looking for one as soon as my students finish up (great timing: the last day of classes at Shantou is the first day of World Cup competition – June 9 – so everyone will have time to tune in).

News reports say that between CCTV-5 and sister channels CCTV-1 and CCTV-2, all of the games from the entire tournament will be broadcast live. For everyone who loves World Cup in China, what news could be better?

By the way, if you live in China and you have a great story about where you’ll be watching World Cup, please email me. One of my journalist friends in Beijing is writing a story about World Cup fans in China and is looking for good stories about where China’s fans plan to watch the games.

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