I Love World Cup!

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“我爱世界杯!” (Wo ai shi-jie-bei!) That’s how you say it in Mandarin Chinese: “I love World Cup!”

There’s even a show on CCTV-5 by that name. China is a football-crazy country, even though their men didn’t qualify for the 2006 World Cup, which starts in two weeks in Germany. (To see who did qualify, click here.) But because we know so many readers of the China Sports Blog love World Cup, here are a few websites to give you all the information you need to follow your favorite teams:

The official FIFA World Cup Home Page (English)

The official FIFA World Cup Home Page (Chinese)

CCTV-5 World Cup Website (Chinese)

Sohu.com’s World Cup Website (Chinese)

Sina.com’s World Cup Website (Chinese)

We’re getting lots of inquiries as to when CCTV-5 will be broadcasting the games. The broadcast schedule at the CCTV-5 website only gets updated on a weekly basis but CCTV has an entire website dedicated to the World Cup, so hopefully they’ll offer a more complete broadcast schedule. I’ll sift through all those Chinese characters looking for one as soon as my students finish up (great timing: the last day of classes at Shantou is the first day of World Cup competition – June 9 – so everyone will have time to tune in).

News reports say that between CCTV-5 and sister channels CCTV-1 and CCTV-2, all of the games from the entire tournament will be broadcast live. For everyone who loves World Cup in China, what news could be better?

By the way, if you live in China and you have a great story about where you’ll be watching World Cup, please email me. One of my journalist friends in Beijing is writing a story about World Cup fans in China and is looking for good stories about where China’s fans plan to watch the games.

2006 World Broadcaster Meeting

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The China Daily reports on plans for the 2006 World Broadcaster Meeting for Olympics rights-holding broadcasters. The meeting will be held in Beijing from August 9-11 and will feature presentations from BOB (Beijing Olympic Broadcasting), the host broadcaster for the event.

Quincy Jones In Beijing

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On a lighter note, Quincy Jones is in the Chinese capital city this week and has announced his plans to write a theme song for the 2008 Olympics. Evidently he’s been seduced by the culture, the surroundings…and the beautiful women. Reuters, via the Washington Post, has the story.

The Media in Beijing

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It’s a topic that’s likely to come up again and again in the next two years: how will the international media, numbering 20,000 or more, be able to do their reporting work during the Beijing Olympics? Reuters reporter Nick Mulvenny filed a story last week assessing the media climate for foreign journalists in China and the assurances given by BOCOG that the media will be able to work freely within China’s laws. No question this will be one of the hottest media topics as the Olympics get closer.


CUBA Tournament In Progress

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It’s “that time” of year for Chinese university students – the last three weeks of what can sometimes feel like interminably long sixteen-week semesters (and that’s not counting exam period), and the end of the annual basketball tournament known as “CUBA” – the China University Basketball Association. It works pretty much like the United States’ NCAA championships, with regional tournaments leading up to a national final. This past Monday, fans were treated to Shantou University’s own men’s basketball team as they took on the Wuhan University of Technology (武汉理工大学) in the southeast regional finals. The game was held on the campus at Shantou and was broadcast live on CCTV-5. Shantou won the game but lost the point spread, according to my students, so their cheers were short-lived. Still, a great game and a great atmosphere – you haven’t seen sports in China until you’ve seen a packed basketball arena filled with fans in matching shirts, Thundersticks, and pom-poms. Not to mention our marching band. :)

Curious about collegiate basketball in China? Here are some resources to get you started:

In Chinese: CUBA Homepage, and a match report on the Shantou vs. Wuhan game.

In English: Wikipedia article on CUBA, 2004 China.org article on CUBA, a shorter China.org piece on CUBA from early 2005, and a recent People’s Daily article about universities becoming the “cradle” of basketball in China.


New Feature: Shantou University Student Work

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In the “Pages” section of the blog on the right-hand side, you’ll see a new feature: Shantou University student reports on various aspects of Chinese sporting life. Over the next few days I’ll be posting several feature articles written by students in the Introduction To Sports Journalism class at the Cheung Kong School of Journalism and Communication at Shantou. If you’re curious about other aspects of Chinese sport and would like to hear from the experts, email me and we’ll see if we can work your request into a new round of articles in the future.

Today’s News

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Football: China defeated Chinese Taipei in the Asian Football Conference Futsal Championship in Uzbekistan. The article can be found at UzReport.

Track and Field: The Asian Grand Prix is being held in Bangalore, according to a short news item on KeralaOnline. Chinese pole vaulter Gao Shuying came in second in the women’s vault competition at last weekend’s adidas Track Classic in Carson, CA with a vault of 4.41m (14′ 5.5″). There’s a full report with all results at the Runner’s Web.

2008 Paralympics: BOCOG has released information about the 2008 Paralympics, which will be held from September 6-17, 2008, after the completion of the Summer Olympics. The China Daily has the story. Also in Paralympics news, GamesBids.com, a website with information about current and previous Olympic Games bids, reports that BOCOG will cover the costs for athletes and officials attending the 2008 Paralympics. This will be the first time that an organizing committee has paid the way for Paralympics competitors and officials.

Sports Business: Hankooki.com reports that adidas plans to use the 2006 World Cup as a jumpoff point for expanding its presence in several Asian nations, including China.

2016 Olympics: This news item is a few days old, but Chicago’s mayor Richard Daley spent time last week in Beijing talking to BOCOG about their successful bid for the 2008 Olympics. Chicago is in the running to be the United States’ candidate city for the 2016 Olympics.

The AP on the IOC Meeting

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The Associated Press has weighed in on Beijing’s traffic and pollution problems, and the general success of the IOC coordination commission meeting in Beijing last week. Also in this article: descriptions of some of the “temporary administrative measures” that could be taken by the Beijing government to alleviate the smog and traffic problems during the Games.

NBA on CCTV this week

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The CCTV-5 broadcast schedule is accessible on the web for today only – there seems to be a problem with the publication of their weekly schedule, which is normally available for the coming week by Sunday evening or Monday morning at the latest. According to the published schedule, there will be a game broadcast live today, Tuesday 5/23, at 9:00 a.m. China standard time. The rub of course is that neither of the two NBA games playing tonight (Monday) in the U.S. start at 9:00 (China is twelve hours ahead of Eastern U.S. daylight time) … NBA.com has the Mavericks-Spurs game starting at 8:30, and the Clippers-Suns at 10:30. As always, the CCTV schedule doesn’t say which game they’re televising. To be safe, tune that dial to CCTV-5 from 8:30 onward and hopefully, you’ll get a game. More later when the CCTV schedule is available for the rest of the week.


Olympic News

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IOC Coordination Commission Meeting A Success: The BBC reports on last week’s IOC coordination commission meeting in Beijing. IOC representatives approved venues as “stunning” while acknowledging ongoing questions about the environment and about journalists’ abililty to work freely while reporting on the Olympics.

The Bangkok Post also reported on the meeting, including notes on the widespread traffic problem in Beijing and BOCOG plans to alleviate congestion during the Olympics. And yet another report about the IOC meeting last week can be found at the International Hockey Federation website.

Green Olympics: The China Daily reported late last week on BOCOG’s “Green Olympics” initiative (part of the threefold “Green Olympics, High-Tech Olympics, People’s Olympics” motto for 2008). As part of the plan, Beijing schoolchildren are being taught about water conservation and are participating in a nation-wide painting contest called “Green Dreams, Colourful Olympics.”

Torch Relay To Everest?: The Olympic torch relay may include a stop at the top of Mount Everest. SuperXtra (South Africa) reports on IOC inspector Hein Verbruggen’s comments on the torch relay plans. He notes that while every Olympic host city wishes to do “a little bit more” than previous hosts when planning the route for the torch relay, keeping the torch relay focused on China would be an excellent way to highlight the vastness and diversity of a country that houses one-fifth of the world’s population. Torch relay plans will be made public in early 2007, according to BOCOG vice-president Jiang Xiaoyu.

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