Playing Catch-Up

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Yes, you read it right: Catch-Up. That’s the name of a new sport here at the CSB, and the rules of the game are simple. Catch up on posting all of the week’s news after you’ve been snowed under with work for a week, no matter how long it takes or how painfully slow it feels. In a week in which the 2008 Olympic competition schedule was turned upside down and BOCOG sacked an official for corruption that allegedly included multiple mistresses in multiple luxury homes around Beijing, I’ve been completely swamped with work at Shantou. In the meantime, news clips piled up on my desk just begging to be posted on the blog.

Trust me, it has not been a slow news week. On to the headlines:

The BOCOG scandal: Shadow of corruption hangs over Olympics (AsiaNews.it); Beijing Games bribery scandal (The Age, Australia); BOCOG seeks distance from sacked official (Gulf Times, Doha, Qatar); China’s media in unusual call for transparency (Financial Times, registration required)

Olympic scheduling: Olympic swimmers, rise and shine! (Time magazine); Olympic Swim Decision Delayed (Fox Sports); IOC has final say in turning the clocks back (The Australian); Phelps staying motivated as IOC considers altering Beijing swim meets for U.S. TV times (USA Today); TV chief pleads: Don’t move the goalposts (Sydney Morning Herald)

Olympic environmental issues: (Hawaiian) Isles Help Beijing Battle Foul Air (Honolulu Star-Bulletin); The Dirty Secret of China’s Economy (Business Week Online via WPXI.com Pittsburgh, PA, USA)

Other Olympic news: Beijing offers cheaper hotel rooms for Olympic guests (People’s Daily Online)

Paralympics: Beijing 2008 Concentrates on Media (Sports Features Communications)

Football: China downs the Matildas (Fox Sports Australia)

Dragon Boat Racing: China’s champs have been training for ’600 years’” (Daily Express, Malaysia)

Sports Business: NBA, Coke Expand Alliance (Brandweek); Olympic-themed Lenovo F20 Sports Coca-Cola Design (I4U News); China chiefs jet in for C-Zone (SportBusiness.com)

Rugby (yes, rugby in China!): Leicester Tigers sign up to help Chinese rugby (Reuters UK)

Basketball: Rockets Star Yao says he’s 50-50 to play in world basketball championships (Slam! Sports Canada); Georgetown alum is coaching Yao Ming: Interview (People’s Daily Online) [CSB note: it's a tenuous basketball connection...but an interesting read nonetheless with the president of Georgetown University in Washington, D.C.]

Chinese acrobatics: Shanghai Surprise (Chicago Tribune)

Whew! That’s all for now…more later.

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