World Cup in Hong Kong, Part 2

Posted in Football at 9:49 am by Nicole

I squeezed into the very crowded back room of a SoHo pub in Hong Kong last night at 10 p.m. to watch the U.S.-Ghana game. As the two bonafide underdogs in their group, I guess it makes sense that this was the less-sexy game to watch, but I had no idea by how much…in the pub itself there were several televisions, one huge big-screen projection TV, and many multiples of fans than were in the back room – all eyes glued to the Italy-Czech Republic game. It was an almost entirely pro-American crowd in that little smoky back room - lots of great American accents, lots of expats, some study-abroad university students (including a sweet guy from USC who explained some of the nuances of the game to me) and their friends…For a moment it actually felt like the United States had actual soccer fans…and then Ghana got the penalty kick at the end of the first half, and all the energy of the match just went to nothing…We knew. Even then, it was hard not to feel as though it just wasn’t going to be our night.

The pub stayed open for the 3 a.m. matches, but your CSB correspondent headed home around 12:30 a.m. A good night out with countrypeople…bummer for the not-so-great result. But SoHo during the World Cup is great fun.

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