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Shanghaiist has a funny, funny commentary on the woes of Huang Jianxiang, who made a name for himself this week on CCTV-5 by calling the Italy-Australia game as though he was a certified member of Italy’s “La-la-dui” (Chinese for “cheering squad”). It includes a clip of the video in question, as well as an audio clip and Huang’s public apology for his one-sided commentary. Warning to the under-18 gang: it also includes some not-so-nice examples of English-language expletives. But it’s still funny.

Also in the World Cup/Chinese culture subset of the sports news this week: a nice piece from the Inter Press Service News Agency on Beijing’s World Cup culture. Where to watch, where to drink, where to be when the games are on. World Cup in Europe gives Asia some serious nightlife, since the earliest games in the first round started at 9 p.m. China time – and the latest at 3 a.m. And yes, all those pubs and eateries and big-screen televisions in the parks are open for business until the final referee’s whistle sounds.

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