Liu Xiang breaks world record; Wimbledon champs return to Beijing

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Big, big week in Chinese sports. The Titan Sports newspaper this morning features a front-page photo of a jubilant Liu Xiang sitting atop the Omega timing device that recorded his new 110-meter hurdles world record yesterday in Lausanne: 12.88 seconds. Previously Liu was the co-world record holder (12.91 sec.) with Britain’s Colin Jackson. The headline: “The new world record is mine” (新记录是我的 – “xin jilu shi wode”). American Dominique Arnold was second in 12.90 seconds. The New York Times has the AP story (note: NY Times links are valid for a week, then become part of the paid “Times Select” archive). Other news articles: Runner’s Web, CNN (via Reuters), News24.com, IAAF.org, CBC Sports (Canada).

The English-language China Daily reports this morning on the return of Wimbledon women’s doubles champs Zheng Jie and Yan Zi to Beijing. The pair now own, well, a pair of Grand Slam championship trophies: they were victorious in the Australian Open in January. According to the article, the pair are now focusing on the 2008 Olympics and – in a great move for women’s tennis in China – the Federation Cup World Group Playoffs, which will be held this weekend in Beijing. If China wins, it will qualify for the world group in 2007.


Back in Business…

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If you’ve been trying to access the blog the last few days you might have had an entirely different website appear when typing in our URL (http://chinasports.wokpopcorn.com/). We’re on the case…and finally I’m able to get to the page necessary for writing new posts. Hopefully readers will be able to access everything normally very soon, if it’s not already happening.

In other news…the blog is now based out of Beijing and will be until the end of August, when the China Sports Blogger (i.e. me) heads back home to the U.S. I’ll still be blogging, just from a slightly less Chinese-centric location for the time being. :)



The Blog Moves To Beijing

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The China Sports Blog moves to Beijing this week – I’ll be based there for the summer working in sports media and eating lots of Peking duck and drinking Starbucks lattes, I’m sure. (Shantou has many charms. Lattes are not one of them.) The blog will be updated as often as possible during the summer. One note: access to the blog was shut down over the last few days because somebody on my host’s server piqued the interest of the old men hiding behind the Great Firewall (insert obvious Wizard of Oz reference here), so if the blog goes dark, rest assured that it will be updated as soon as possible as soon as access is restored.

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