Who’da thunk it?

Posted in General at 1:25 pm by Nicole

You would think that working full-time in sports journalism and being in Beijing, the undisputed center of the Chinese athletic world, that there would be so much to write about that the blog could be updated hourly, not just three times a week as I was shooting for back in the spring. Ah, the innocence of beginning a blog. It’s been a tidal wave of work, travel, basketball in Guangzhou, Shaq in Beijing, trying to find LeBron for an interesting quote, the world broadcasters’ meeting with BOCOG and Beijing Olympic Broadcasting, coming back from GZ to BJ for the world junior track and field championships, and in the midst of it all, a flood of China sports-related news in my email box (Google news alerts – great stuff).

Beijing has officially arrived as a major sporting city, and there’s no way to keep up with it all on the blog until I hire a few full-timers to scour the ‘net for new material. I’ll update as often as I can with as much news as possible while simultaneously soaking up as much of the atmosphere as I can during these last ten days of my latest adventure in China. Once back home in the U.S. the blog will continue to be updated as often as possible, especially as the Olympics draw closer and closer.

One tidbit of news: if you’re living in Beijing, there’s a new sports magazine out on the newsstands today: 体育画报。Check it out.

~ Nicole

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