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The Chinese team did it…they made the last 16 at the World Basketball Championships with a last-second 3-pointer against Slovenia. The hero of the game wasn’t Yao Ming or Wang Zhizhi. It was somebody you’ve never heard of unless you’re a true China basketball fan…Wang Shipeng (no relation to Wang Zhizhi…Wang is one of the most common surnames in China).

So, wow! The United States is undefeated, and the young, untested Chinese team has given their country something to feel great about. It’s shaping up to be a great championship. If you haven’t watched international basketball, it’s a great time – shorter quarters (10 minutes each), and much more team play than you’d normally see in the star-centric NBA.

China stuns the world (Toronto Star)

A great quote from the Toronto Star piece about the growth of basketball in China:

“There’s a passion in that country for basketball,” United States coach Mike Krzyzewski said earlier this week at the world championships. “You can just see it in people’s eyes. I think people enjoy basketball in the other places we’ve been. In China, it was like they were craving it. You get that type of atmosphere with that populace and that athletic ability, and something really good is happening.”

Editor’s note: Yes, he’s right.

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