I want my CCTV

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I know you do. I really do. It’s the most-searched phrase that leads readers to the China Sports Blog: “CCTV-5 schedule.” Everyone in the world watches CCTV-5, China Central Television’s all-sports all-the-time television channel. And everyone wants to read an English-language schedule, and none exists. It’s a shame because the miracle of satellite television makes it possible for ping-pong fans in Germany and women’s volleyball fans in the United States to watch great coverage from China, where both of those sports are a very big deal. (I know, ping pong is big in Germany too, but still.) Anyway, here’s what I’ve got: links to the CCTV websites, which of course are in Chinese. As much as I’m able (very helpful if you email me with specific requests), I’ll keep an eye out for coverage of big events and will post it here on the CSB.

CCTV homepage

CCTV-5 homepage

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