The CSB moves to the USA

Posted in General at 12:13 pm by Nicole

After three flights (total time flying: 17-1/2 hours) and a six-hour bus ride from Shantou to Hong Kong, the China Sports Blogger has finally moved from China back home to the U.S. I’ll still be very much tracking the sports trends in China, just from a slightly more American vantage point.

I couldn’t resist putting this link up on the blog: a New York Times article about the charm of ping pong by an American who actually appreciates the sport. In China, of course, ping pong is the national sport. The national team players are all household names, and the car Kong Linghui crashed in a DUI a few weeks ago was, um, a Porsche. ‘Nuff said about how much money there is in Chinese ping pong. In the United States, it’s a labor of love. This is a nice read by a documentary filmmaker who has spent some serious time covering the sport.

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