Getting back to normal…

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It’s been a really intense couple of months moving back to the States after eighteen months in China, so the blog hasn’t been updated nearly as much as I’ve liked. There’s a ton of news to analyze – everything from Major League Baseball opening up its first China office, to Yao Ming’s emergence as the go-to big guy in the NBA, to more and more Olympic news every week. In the next few weeks I’ll finally be settling down to a slightly more normal (read: easy access to the Internet every day) life in the Pacific Northwest, and that will really help in terms of getting the blog updated in a way that makes it helpful for everyone who’s watching the Chinese sports world these days.

Women’s Volleyball: Lang Ping’s United States team came in ninth; China came in fifth; and Russia won the title over Brazil.

Xinhua’s report on China’s fifth-place game

China Daily on Russia’s victory


The International NBA

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Bolton hosts UN crew at Knicks game (ESPN.com) – A lively story that really brings home the internationalization of the NBA, with special mention of China’s ambassador to the UN