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It’s a hodgepodge right now, but the blog will be updated on a more regular basis going forward now that the China Sports Blogger is finally settled into a wonderful new home in the great Pacific Northwest. Rain? You betcha. Chinatown? Just down the street. Gotta love it.

Anti-piracy: Pirated goods in China run the gamut, including sports equipment. The UK’s Times Online reports on China’s latest efforts to crack down on counterfeiters ahead of a trade meeting with the United States.

Asian Games

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All kinds of news coming out of Doha, Qatar and this year’s Asian Games. The following is just a small sampling:

China Makes A Splash (Gulf Daily News)

Men’s Hockey: China in the Final (HuliQ.com)

Lots of Asian Games Results (The Hindu)

One of the things I love about regional events such as the Asian Games is that it gives sports that aren’t necessarily popular around the world a chance to shine in the places where they are played and loved by millions. One such example coming out of this year’s Asian Games is the net-ball sport of Sepak Takraw. Check out this Wikipedia article on its rules and origins – just from the photos it looks like a great game.

And is it really any surprise that the 2008 Olympic hosts are running away with the medal count? Slam! Sports (Canada) takes a look at China’s Asian Games success in 2006.