China and basketball, the ongoing conversation

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Following are links to two great China basketball articles out of the Times Online (UK) by writer Ian Whittell. The first is an excellent in-depth look at Yao Ming’s transition from the Chinese basketball world to the NBA. It’s a very nuanced piece that squares completely with my own experiences interviewing Yao and talking with him about the cultural differences between China and the Western world that made his transition to the NBA so challenging…and in retrospect, make his current status as one of the NBA’s best centers seem absolutely miraculous, given the challenges he had to overcome in becoming such a fine NBA player. The second article talks more generally about the upswing in the popularity of basketball on the Chinese mainland – also a good read for everyone interested in the cultural importance of basketball in China.

How a small step for Yao can become a giant leap for China (Times Online, UK)

People’s game captures imagination of new market (Times Online, UK)

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