“Generation IX”

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If you’re in the Seattle area and you’re passionate about sport and China, you’ll want to be watching KCTS, our local public television station, this evening. “Generation IX,” a documentary that follows the 2005 NCAA champion University of Washington women’s volleyball team from the Final Four to Beijing and Shanghai, where they competed last summer, will air at 8 p.m. It’s a tremendously well-done story of the landscape of elite women’s sports in the United States today, and it features a short interview with China’s most famous Olympian of all – “Jenny” Lang Ping, 1984 Olympic gold medalist and the outside hitter for perhaps the best women’s volleyball team ever to come out of the PRC. (For those not in the know, women’s volleyball is a huge professional sport in China, with televised competitions and rock-star status for the name players.) I’ve had the pleasure of meeting the filmmakers, Jack and Leslie Hamann, as well as the UW women featured in the film, and they’re as impressive as any of the NBA players I’ve interviewed. Must-see TV in the Pacific Northwest tonight.


“A smart, finely tuned film, worth viewing by anyone who gives a hoot about young women, athlete or not …
The win, easily and enthusiastically, goes to ‘Generation IX.’”
–Florangela Davila, Seattle Times 

“This film isn’t about the past. It’s about the present, where women are training and showing
as much talent and fortitude as their male counterparts on their way to victory.”
–Victor Balta, Everett Herald

“It’s hard to watch and not be inspired.” –Wendy Carpenter, The News Tribune, Tacoma

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[Also: “Couple’s passion shines through in documentary,” –Florangela Davila, Seattle Times]

[Also: “Generation IX: Documentary follows UW women athletes, beneficiaries of Title IX” –Nancy Wick, University Week, University of Washington]

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