Those pricey basketball jerseys

Posted in Basketball at 6:42 am by Nicole

I’m not entirely sure this means anything, but the NBA announced this week that Kobe Bryant’s new #24 Lakers jersey is now the top-selling jersey in China. Number two is Allen Iverson’s new Nuggets kit, which tells me not that these guys are somehow “more popular” than Yao in his homeland, but that people like to collect new jerseys and Kobe and A.I. happen to have worn new ones this year. When I was living in China, it was Tracy McGrady at the top of the list. Yao’s up there, but he’s not number one…in jersey sales, anyway. On the court, where it matters a little more, Yao scored 32 points and had 14 rebounds en route to dismissing the Pacers on Tuesday night, 86-76. The Rockets are within a game and a half of sliding into the fourth-seed spot for the Western Conference playoffs. That probably means more to Yao than a jersey.

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