Olympic updates, again

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You can pretty much take it to the bank: between now and August 2008, there will be oodles of Olympic updates.

Major League Baseball Helping China’s Baseball Team: MLB.com reports on China’s national men’s baseball team which has been training in the United States for the last three weeks in preparation for, you guessed it, 2008. After training together and playing minor league teams, the Chinese team will disperse to train directly with several minor league teams to experience professional-level baseball training. Doubtful that Ichiro’s immediate successor as Asia’s most famous major leaguer is going to hail from Beijing anytime soon…but with Taiwan already a baseball powerhouse, can the mainland really be that far behind?

China at World Cross Country: World cross isn’t China’s forte – that honor belongs to the Kenyans and Ethiopians – but that didn’t keep China from sending a contingent of athletes to last weekend’s annual event, held in Mombasa, Kenya for the first time.

BOCOG Media Kits to NOCs: According to the China Daily, BOCOG has distributed Olympic media kits to the over 200 National Olympic Committees (NOCs) for the Beijing Olympics.

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