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Volunteer and computer systems and venues…oh my.

Recruitment of Hong Kong volunteers for Beijing Olympic and Paralympic Games (Media-Newswire.com)

Beijing awards top ten volunteers (China Daily)

Lenovo becomes official computing supplier for Olympic Games (itvarnews.net)

Shunyi Olympic Park almost ready (CCTV.com)

Chinese take “branding” to new level (CNBC) – Editor’s note: Always nice to see Western business reporters following Chinese companies, and in this case, it’s a big ‘un: Li Ning, the company that signed Shaquille O’Neal last summer to a distribution deal for Dunkman sneakers in China. Li Ning, of course, is China’s “prince of gymnastics,” a multiple medalist at the 1984 Olympics in Los Angeles and a true Chinese business success story. He’s also a warm and decent person…I met him last summer at the Shaq-fest (think laser lights and dry ice in one of Beijing’s best hotels – all that for a press conference) and was really impressed with him as a person, as well as a business executive and Olympic legend.

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