Olympic updates

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Medal count: China is backing away from the goal just about everyone has heard about at this point to win the medal count at the Beijing Olympics. In a meeting with the head of Agence France-Presse, BOCOG president Liu Qi said that while China is looking to improve its standings from previous Games, that doesn’t necessarily translate into winning the medal count. The People’s Daily Online has the story.

500 days to go: It’s just over 500 days to go until the opening of the Beijing Olympics (March 27 is the big day), and the China Daily has posted preview photos of the “500 days to go” souvenirs, including the pin sets that Olympic aficionados collect until they drop.


World figure skating championships

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The world figure skating championships are being held this week in Tokyo, and the China story – as it has been for the last several years – is all in the pairs competition. The AP (via USA Today) writes about China’s Olympic bronze medalists Shen Xue and Zhao Hongbo, who are leading after the short program, held on Tuesday.

Yi Jianlian in action

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His name isn’t quite as easy to pronounce as Yao Ming’s, but Yi Jianlian (Yee Jen-lee-an) is the Next Big Thing coming out of China to the NBA. He’s a sure bet for the draft this June and my NBA scout friends tell me he’ll probably be a mid-20′s pick in the first round. He’s currently playing with his Chinese Basketball Association team, the Guangdong Tigers, for the CBA championship against the Bayi (bah-yee) Rockets. Trivial Pursuit tidbits: Bayi (“eight-one” in Chinese) is the Chinese national army team, and the first Chinese player to enter the NBA draft, Wang Zhizhi, is their star player.

Check out this link for Yao Ming’s thoughts on the young Yi.

NBA TV will broadcast the CBA finals. Check the broadcast schedule for all the information.

More on the teams from Wikipedia’s English-language website:

Guangdong Tigers
Bayi Rockets


A Chinese soccer story

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Check out this wonderful Washington Post article on Chinese soccer player Liu Huana, who is vying for a spot on this year’s women’s World Cup team. Nice to see American publications starting to really pay attention to Chinese athletes’ stories in the pre-Olympic year.

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