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A CSB reader sent this link along – it’s a television commercial for McDonald’s that he saw in Shanghai. A complete remake of one of the most famous NBA-themed commercials ever in American television…and it’s spectacular – and amazing to see the new guys in the starring roles, Yi Jianlian (易建联) and Zhu Fangyu (朱芳雨).

Thanks to Terence Lau for this link:

China’s version of the classic Jordan/Bird McDonald’s commercial

And if you’d like to see the original, here it is (with Spanish dubbing – how much more international can this game get???):

The original Jordan/Bird McDonald’s commercial in Spanish

And in English:

The original original Jordan/Bird commercial

Have at it at YouTube for lots more video of Yi Jianlian…there are too many clips there to post here, but it’s a gold mine.

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