Marion Jones finally admits what everyone else knew

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It will be a long time before I can get the image of Marion Jones angrily denying the BALCO allegations, calling USADA a “kangaroo court”, and playing us all for fools as the proof of her doping gradually trickled out of the investigations, out of my head.

Today throughout the track community and throughout the world of international sport en masse, there is cause for great sadness, but also for hope. It was an American athlete who finally admitted to doping en route to five Olympic medals in Sydney – but it was also an American investigation that caught her, and finally impressed upon her that it is harder to live a lifetime of a lie, than to admit the truth and hope that the future of sport – and her own personal future – will be better for it.

My hope for Marion Jones today is that she dedicates the rest of her life to being a positive force for change in international track and field and a role model for athletes who want to be able to compete on a clean level playing field. Kelli White made that choice in 2004 when she admitted her role in the BALCO scandal, and she remains a deeply admirable person for having done so, giving talks worldwide to help uncover the sinister side of elite sports competition. I look forward to seeing Marion Jones join that fight. That means more than any Olympic medal.

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