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Marion Jones’ drug admission, Day Two. Links below to the standout articles I’ve seen today:

Jones’ plea might shift case to Bonds (San Jose Mercury News)

Knapp: Olympic winner Marion Jones now loser after doping plea (San Francisco Chronicle)

Golden girl of 2000 Olympics quits after drug admission (The Independent, UK)

Jones admits to lying about steroid use (Los Angeles Times)

Marion Jones drags others into selfish, steroid mess (New York Daily News) CSB Editor’s Note: This is the first writer I’ve seen bring up the issue of the 2004 Olympic women’s 4×100 relay team and what the fates of Jones’ team members would have been if Jones hadn’t botched the baton pass to Lauryn Williams and they had subsequently won a medal with a tainted teammate. While I don’t want to dwell in the negativity around those who would dismiss Jones unequivocally as a liar who deserves the worst, Filip Bondy of the Daily News has some good points to make about the extent of Jones’ selfish actions in trying to avoid admitting her steroid use before she finally confessed.

Ekaterini Thanou in line for Marion Jones’ gold (The Daily Telegraph, UK)

IAAF head: Jones will go down as a fraud (Associated Press)

IAAF statement on Marion Jones (Friday, October 5) (IAAF.org)

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