Jearl Miles on Marion Jones

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Jearl Miles, a five-time Olympian for the United States and a member of relay teams on which Marion Jones also participated, has released a statement through her agent regarding Jones’ confession last week to using performance-enhancing drugs. Below is the statement in its entirety as it was emailed to members of the track and field media earlier today.


Press Release
Jearl Miles Clark
Olympic Gold Medalist

”I am releasing the following statement to the press as my response to the many request for interviews:

I am upset and chagrined about the entire drug situation. I defended Marion against critics and said that I wouldn’t believe she had taken performance enhancing drugs unless she said it herself. Well, the other day she admitted it and the reality of the situation has to be dealt with.

My immediate thought is that this is bad for athletes like myself, who are truly clean and run outstanding times. I feel that everyone will suspect us of cheating and look at us with a jaundiced eye.

Concerning the medals, I don’t know what will happen.

Whatever the out come, I have my family’s love and support and the Olympic spirit will always be in my heart. These can never be taken away.

Marion may face charges for lying to federal agents and for using performance enhancing drugs. She made mistakes and now has to pay for them. Unfortunately, others may pay for those mistakes too.”

Jearl Miles Clark
Five Time Olympian

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