Yao and Global Warming

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From the Huffington Post:

“Yao Ming, the Houston Rockets Center, a Chinese National and arguably the most popular athlete in the world is channeling his popularity for the cause. Yao is so troubled by the polluted air smothering his native Beijing, so concerned about his aging parents living there beneath the smog, that he is joining forces with Leonardo DiCaprio to create a campaign aimed at educating Chinese children, their parents, and their government. His message: China is a major contributor to Global Warming, and changes must be made to combat it right now, not shoved onto the backs of later generations.”

My comment: Good on Yao (and I’ll ask him about it this week in Houston to see if this story is really accurate); but his family is from Shanghai, not Beijing, and his parents – who are not even close to “aging” (they’re great-looking and in great shape) – live with him in Houston when he’s here for the NBA season. Reporters of the world, unite! And then, please, fact check your stories.

Al Gore and the sports world (Huffington Post)


UPDATE, Thursday, October 18: The CSB talked with Yao yesterday for an upcoming feature article for SI China’s NBA preview issue…and he says that while he would love to lend his name to every cause that asked him, he hasn’t done anything about global warming at this time because he simply has too many requests. – Ed.

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