Yi Jianlian’s opening night in America

Posted in Basketball at 3:10 pm by Nicole

Sports Illustrated’s Chris Mannix has spent a substantial amount of time with Yi Jianlian since he was drafted for Milwaukee. Yesterday he filed this report on how life is shaping up for Yi in Wisconsin.

Elsewhere on the ‘net, NBA.com presents a Q&A with Yi Jianlian, which features his thoughts on his first NBA start, the pressure he’s under as the new kid in town, and yes, his thoughts on Halloween, a holiday as foreign to China as Yi is to the NBA (at least for now).

And, yes, there was a game last night. The Orlando Magic took apart the Bucks 102-83 in Florida in both teams’ season opener, on the strength of (sigh) former Seattle SuperSonic Rashard Lewis’ 26 points.

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