Team USA Olympic update and a note on Ryan Shay

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The saddest possible news came out of last weekend’s U.S. men’s Olympic marathon trials, held a day before the New York City Marathon on a criterium course in Central Park. Ryan Shay, a national-class marathoner who won the 2003 national championship in that event, died suddenly on the race course about 5-1/2 miles into the race. It’s widely believed that he had a cardiac event related to an enlarged heart, a condition he was first diagnosed with at age 14. Conclusive autopsy reports aren’t due until the end of the week.

Olympic reporter John Powers of the Boston Globe writes about the shock of Shay’s death in a story that includes many Olympic updates for several national teams, including volleyball, cycling and swimming. Powers is one to read as the Olympics draw closer – to say he’s an experienced sports reporter is a vast understatment. He’s among the best.

As 2008 approaches, we send our prayers and thoughts out to Shay’s family and teammates, and wish the best of success to the men who qualified for the United States men’s marathon team for 2008 last Saturday: Ryan Hall, Dathan Ritzenhein, and Brian Sell. No doubt Shay will be in their minds when they line up for the Olympic marathon next August.

Marathoners deal with toughest loss (Boston Globe)

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