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That was some 2008, wasn’t it? I know it’s not over quite yet – but for me and so many others who pay close attention to the Chinese sports world, the most important date on the calendar was August 8, 2008. The CSB shut down for a bit so that I could concentrate on my work for Sports Illustrated, and it was an amazing and very gratifying professional experience to work with such a talented team of writers at the Games.

The CSB will open up shop again starting now, and will be updated weekly or as events allow in the China sports world. No doubt there will be much news to share and to comment on in the coming weeks and months. Thanks to everyone who looked up the blog in the last few months – seeing that the website continues to get over 30,000 hits per month was a big part of the reason why I’ve decided to keep the blog going past the Beijing Olympics.

For now, I leave you with my articles from the Games and from SI’s Olympic preview issue, in which I wrote an essay on “The Chinese Athlete” – the stereotypes, the misconceptions, and the realities of developing into a sports star in the modern-day People’s Republic of China.

Magazine: The Chinese Athlete (July 28, 2008 issue)


Sunday, August 24: Indelible Memories: U.S. volleyball teams persevere in wake of tragedy
Saturday, August 23: Volleyball: U.S. women find silver lining in tragedy
Thursday, August 21: Volleyball: Former Chinese national team star has U.S. playing for gold medal
Tuesday, August 19: Lang Ping’s magical mystery tour
Monday, August 18: China reacts to its fallen hero
Sunday, August 17: Scenes from Beijing: A day in the life of Chinese Olympic sports (scroll down for story)
Saturday, August 16: China-U.S. volleyball: U.S. women’s volleyball team churns out victory from the heart
Saturday, August 16: Scenes from Beijing: Them’s fightin’ words (scroll down for story)
Friday, August 15: Scenes from Beijing: Bring on the yellow cows (scroll down for story)
Wednesday, August 13: Scenes from Beijing: Volleyball – “Minor” sport? Don’t tell that to the Chinese (scroll down for story)
Saturday, August 9: Truly sad day for two nations (with David Epstein and Rebecca Sun)
Friday, August 8: Tiananmen quiet by comparison to opening ceremony
Friday, August 8: China’s top 10 Olympic stories
Tueday, August 5: What I’m looking forward to: Yao Ming

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