When sport meets life

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It’s been quieter at the CSB than I had planned, but George Vescey of the New York Times wrote a column today that pretty much summed up the reason. It’s hard to think about sports being important when so much of what’s going on in the rest of the world is going wrong. Of course it was a great day for Pennsylvania, my home state, in the NFL playoffs today. But after the game, when the crowds go home from their expensive seats and the players go home to their expensive mansions, in a world that feels like it’s crumbling, it feels like sport should be put in a different place rather than front-and-center in our world views. Kudos to Vescey for expressing that sentiment today, and hopes for a much, much better 2009.

Mad at Sports, and Mad at the World – George Vescey column in the NY Times, 01/11/2009

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