Super Bowl on Chinese TV

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One of the regular blog readers asked this week about where he could find his beloved American football on Chinese television, and I’m hearing from friends in China that CCTV-5 is your source. Drop me a line (nicole AT wokpopcorn DOT com)  if you hear differently…but hopefully it will be on and China-based American football fans can watch the latest round of the Boston-New York all-sports rivalry live and in color.


NFL in London

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The NFL is in London this week, doing there what it couldn’t quite do in Beijing – at least for now.

NFL experiment aims to spread game’s appeal (New York Times)


Even more on the China Bowl cancellation

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The Seattle Post-Intelligencer offers their own version of events on the cancellation of the NFL China Bowl – the China-Seattle relationship is a strong one (it was Hu Jintao’s first stop on his U.S. tour last year) and for Seattle and the Seahawks, who were to have played the Patriots in the exhibition game, this cancellation was a supreme disappointment. One caution on this article: it was always my understanding that the China Bowl was to have been played at Workers’ Stadium, which is right on the edge of Beijing’s central business district, and not the new National Stadium in north Beijing, which is still under construction. As far back as the Chinese had ever been hearing about the game, it was understood that National Stadium wouldn’t be ready to host this game by August 2007. This article makes it sound as though the game was postponed in part because National Stadium wasn’t ready, which doesn’t resonate with what I’ve heard previously. Just a thought.


More on the NFL and the China Bowl

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USA Today offers this analysis of the cancellation of the China Bowl NFL exhibition.


The NFL is heading to China

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The Seattle Seahawks and the New England Patriots will play a pre-season game in Beijing in 2007. Whispers of an NFL game in China have been making the rounds for months but the official announcement was finally made this weekend. A great choice of teams, especially for your CSB correspondent, who went to university in Boston and spent almost ten years there…and who has now relocated to Seattle. Who do I cheer for? Oh, the angst! At least, I have almost a year to figure it out…the game will be held on August 8, 2007, exactly one year before the opening ceremonies for the Beijing Olympics.

Patriots, Seahawks to play in China Bowl next year (Reuters)

NFL in China: The “other” football to play game in Beijing (Shanghaiist.com)