Mourning in Sichuan

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A friend sent me a copy of a poem that is making its way around the Internet about the Sichuan earthquake, written in Chinese by an unknown author and translated by a Toronto-based earthquake engineer named Alex Tang. As much coverage as the earthquake has gotten in the States – including a PSA by Yao Ming being broadcast during the NBA playoffs and lots of national coverage, with many papers having sent journalists to the region – it’s still next to impossible to get a sense of the tragedy on this side of the ocean (I’m writing from the U.S. right now). This poem really speaks to the pain of the families who have lost children in the quake. My prayers go out to them.

孩子 (Child)
å¿« (Hurry up)

抓紧妈妈的手 (Tightly hold your Mom’s hand)

去天堂的路 (The road to heaven)
太黑了 (is too dark)

妈妈怕你 (Mom is afraid that)
碰了头 (you hit your head)

å¿« (Hurry up)

抓紧妈妈的手 (Tightly hold your Mom’s hand)

让妈妈陪你走 (Let Mom keep you company)

妈妈 (Mom)
怕 (I am afraid)

天堂的路 (The road to heaven)
太黑 (is too dark)

我看不见你的手 (I cannot see your hand)
自从 (since)
倒塌的墙 (the wall collapsed)

把阳光夺走 (it took the sun light away)

我再也看不见 (I cannot see )
你柔情的眸 (your lovely eyes again)

孩子 (Child)
你走吧 (You can go)

前面的路 (the road in front of you)
再也没有忧愁 (has no sorrow any more)

没有读不完的课本 (there are no books that you cannot finish reading)

和爸爸的拳头 (and your father’s fist)
你要记住 (you have to remember)
我和爸爸的摸样 (my face and your father’s face)

来生还要一起走 (let’s finish walking this road together in our next life)

妈妈 (Mom)
别担忧 (do not worry)

天堂的路有些挤 (the road to heaven is a bit crowded)

有很多同学朋友 (I have a lot classmates and friends)
我们说 (we all say)

不哭 (don’t cry)

哪一个人的妈妈都是我们的妈妈 (anyone’s Mom is our Mom)

哪一个孩子都是妈妈的孩子 (any child is Mom’s child)

没有我的日子 (the days without me)

你把爱给活的孩子吧 (give your love to the children alive)

妈妈 (Mom)

你别哭 (don’t cry)
泪光照亮不了 (tears cannot light up the road)
我们的路 (our road)

让我们自己 (let us)
慢慢的走 (walk slowly)

妈妈 (Mom)

我会记住你和爸爸的模样 (I will remember your face and father’s face)
记住我们的约定 (remember our appointment)
来生一起走 (of walking together in our next life)


U.S. vs. Russia in Davis Cup – when will China be a part of the conversation?

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Interesting blog post at the Guardian (UK) today about sporting rivalries. The Davis Cup final between Russia and the United States will be played this weekend – but how long will it be before China is considered a bona fide major sports nation, when measured by real athletic success? The piece below brings up some interesting points.

Taming of the Feuds (Guardian Unlimited, UK)


Golf, basketball, Olympics…

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…The news just keeps on coming.

Youth movement spurs China’s Olympic hopes (CNN.com)

In China, the NBA’s Bucks vs. Rockets translates to Yi vs. Yao (International Herald Tribune)

Mickelson leads in China (Pittsburgh (PA) Post-Gazette)
Mickelson leads by 2 in Shanghai event (Louisville (KY) Courier-Journal)

World wushu championship opens in Beijing (ChinaView.cn)

Chinese Ethnic Games:
Modern Guangzhou hosts ethnic games with all heart (ChinaView.cn)


News of the day

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Many clips from many places today.

Yi Jianlian: Not just a face in the crowd (Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel)

Ripken to visit China as envoy (Baltimore Sun)

Powell fears fallout from Jones confession
(Jamaica Observer)
Athletes take anti-doping exam at Chinese City Games (www.chinaview.cn)

Sport and Environment:
World conference on sport and the environment underway (London 2012)
Air pollution remains concern – IOC (China Daily)
IOC chief says bad air could disrupt Beijing Games (AFP)

Table Tennis:
Guo Yue on watch for Beijing Olympics (www.chinaview.cn)

Olympic Tickets:
1.85 million tickets for Olympics to go on sale this week (The Hindu)


LeBron in China, Aussie Olympic funding, and more

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Press clips from today run the gamut from the latest LeBron James news out of China (where basketball is amazingly popular) to news of WADA recommending automatic four-year competition bans for first-time doping offenders, to controversy over Australia’s plans for future funding of Olympic sports.

Cavs star LeBron James looms large in Shanghai for NBA and Nike (The Canadian Press)

Four-year ban for doping (Daily Telegraph, Australia)

Olympics cash down to survival of fittest (The Age, Australia)

Olympic sports told medals key to funding (Herald Sun, Australia)


Yao and Global Warming

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From the Huffington Post:

“Yao Ming, the Houston Rockets Center, a Chinese National and arguably the most popular athlete in the world is channeling his popularity for the cause. Yao is so troubled by the polluted air smothering his native Beijing, so concerned about his aging parents living there beneath the smog, that he is joining forces with Leonardo DiCaprio to create a campaign aimed at educating Chinese children, their parents, and their government. His message: China is a major contributor to Global Warming, and changes must be made to combat it right now, not shoved onto the backs of later generations.”

My comment: Good on Yao (and I’ll ask him about it this week in Houston to see if this story is really accurate); but his family is from Shanghai, not Beijing, and his parents – who are not even close to “aging” (they’re great-looking and in great shape) – live with him in Houston when he’s here for the NBA season. Reporters of the world, unite! And then, please, fact check your stories.

Al Gore and the sports world (Huffington Post)


UPDATE, Thursday, October 18: The CSB talked with Yao yesterday for an upcoming feature article for SI China’s NBA preview issue…and he says that while he would love to lend his name to every cause that asked him, he hasn’t done anything about global warming at this time because he simply has too many requests. – Ed.


It’s official

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China Bowl postponed until 2009.

NFL calls off China exhibition game (SI.com via the Associated Press)

A link to all of the news stories on news.google.com about the China Bowl cancellation

The article linked below was published before the news of the China Bowl cancellation but offers a great perspective – with lots of detail – on how the NFL is starting to introduce American football into youth culture in mainland China. Trivial Pursuit tidbit: the Mandarin Chinese term for American football is 橄榄球, “ganlanqiu,” or “olive ball” – but beware, rugby is known by the same name in Chinese.

Finding footing on China’s playgrounds (Delaware Online, via the Associated Press)


China Bowl cancelled?

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Yes, according to Sports Illustrated and the Associated Press. It was supposed to be the first NFL preseason game held in China, and it was bigger than big: the Seattle Seahawks versus the New England Patriots on August 8, 2007 – one year to the day before the opening ceremonies for the 2008 Olympics – at Workers’ Stadium in Beijing. Read the complete SI.com story here and the AP story here. More to come as the story develops.


Asian Games

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All kinds of news coming out of Doha, Qatar and this year’s Asian Games. The following is just a small sampling:

China Makes A Splash (Gulf Daily News)

Men’s Hockey: China in the Final (HuliQ.com)

Lots of Asian Games Results (The Hindu)

One of the things I love about regional events such as the Asian Games is that it gives sports that aren’t necessarily popular around the world a chance to shine in the places where they are played and loved by millions. One such example coming out of this year’s Asian Games is the net-ball sport of Sepak Takraw. Check out this Wikipedia article on its rules and origins – just from the photos it looks like a great game.

And is it really any surprise that the 2008 Olympic hosts are running away with the medal count? Slam! Sports (Canada) takes a look at China’s Asian Games success in 2006.


Catching up on the news

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The Beijing 2008 world press briefing, more Liu Xiang and Allen Johnson to come, BOCOG news, another WTA event in Guangzhou…it’s all here (well, links to it are, anyway!) at the CSB.

Liu set to shine as season starts winding down (China Daily, via AFP)

Liu Xiang vs. Allen Johnson road show moves to Korea (IAAF)

Beijing 2008 World Press Briefing update (GamesBids.com)

International media get Olympic preview (China Daily)

BOCOG to provide quality service for news media (China Daily)

Delegation of Ministry of Youth and Sports of Azerbaijan visiting China (Azertac)

Jankovic, Li roll in Guangzhou openers (The Sports Network)

Chakvetadze, Medina Garrigues advance in China (The Sports Network)

5th World Forum on Sport, Education and Culture in Beijing, October 22-24 (International Olympic Committee)

IOC president speaks highly of sports development in Cyprus (with quotes from Chinese IOC member He Zhenliang – People’s Daily Online)

Cycling: Rider on road to Olympic first (Li Fuyu becomes first Chinese to sign with a UCI Pro Tour team (Discovery Channel) – People’s Daily Online)

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