More on Olympic advertisers

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From USA Today:

U.S. companies carry a torch for Olympics


Olympic advertising

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Another article from the New York Times – this one on the challenge of harnessing the immense interest that the Chinese have for the Olympics in the marketing campaigns that will emerge over the next nine months before next year’s Olympics.

For Olympics, China’s marketers are showing their pride (New York Times)


The title says it all

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China’s Olympic ticket frenzy (Business Week)


“Play The Game” In Iceland

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Next week Iceland will play host to the Play The Game conference. This innovative, Denmark-based conference brings together world leaders in sport, journalists, policymakers and athletes to create conversations about the biggest questions facing world sport today. Follow all of the action from the conference live at The Pulse, the conference website created by students from the Danish School of Journalism.

The Pulse – Play the Game 2007


Nike advertising

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Great article this morning in the New York Times about the ways in which Nike is changing its advertising focus away from big media to more consumer-service-oriented products and services. Short mention of the Olympics: General Motors is ending its Olympic sponsorship after 2008.

The new advertising outlet: Your life (New York Times)


BusinessWeek on Li Ning

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Great China-focused report on today’s BusinessWeek website, including this piece on Shaquille O’Neal’s endorsement deal with Li Ning, China’s top sports apparel brand.


Sneaker companies and Beijing…

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It’s been a while since I’ve posted a link to a business-related piece on the blog, but this one – on the shoe wars between Nike, Adidas, Li Ning and all the rest, from ABC News – popped out at me today at HowStuffWorks.com. They have a great article on today’s front page about “How Beijing Works,” with lots of Olympic-related information. (Links to both articles below)

Sneaker companies go for China’s Olympic gold (ABC News, United States)

How Beijing Works (HowStuffWorks.com)


Lots of news

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So many news clips, so little time.

World University Games (Universade):

The Chinese team had a great Universade, winning the medal count with 32 golds and 87 total medals.

A year out from the Beijing Olympics, China wins University Games gold race (International Herald Tribune)

A memorable Universade for hosts (The Nation – Thailand)

Universade concludes, China topping medal standings (China View)

Involvement of colleges leads China sports to sustainable development (People’s Daily Online)

China on way to sports system transformation (People’s Daily Online)

Nice haul for Canada at Bangkok Universade (Winnipeg Free Press) Editor’s note: This article isn’t about China, but I’m feeling a little guilty at not having posted more news of the World University Games (Universade) while they were being contested, so this is the CSB’s attempt at a touch of penance…it’s a great event, one that China has hosted in the past, and one well worth paying attention to.

World Badminton championships:

Trio of medals for China (SportingLife.com)


Report on Yan Zi in Montreal (Edmonton Sun) It’s old news now – Yan Zi lost after this article was posted – but it’s worth reading about how China’s stellar doubles player made it all the way to the singles semifinals against Justine Henin in Montreal from the qualifying rounds.

World Track and Field Championships (Starts Saturday August 25 in Osaka, Japan):

Event website

Sweet and sour taste of reality (The Herald) Coverage of the British national track and field team that will compete in Osaka, with some thoughts about 2008.

China hoping a strong comeback in athletics (Sri Lanka Daily News)

Yen for running (Times Online) Not a Chinese story, but a great feature on Britain’s Mara Yamauchi, her country’s top entry for the marathon at the world championships (fellow Briton and world record holder Paula Radcliffe had a baby in January and will not be competing in Osaka).

2008 Olympics:

Summer Games are coming, but U.S. dominance is over (SportingNews.com)

Beijing sees Olympics as China’s shot at gold (Hollywood Reporter)

Olympic sailing test event: Report on the British team (SportingLife.com)

IT at Beijing Olympic Games to cost US$400 million (Washington Post)

Beijing’s weekend smog experiment (Blog entry at The Lede, New York Times)

More important than gold medals (Japan Times)

Olympic education for 400 million young people in China (International Olympic Committee)

IOC still believes in Beijing (BBC: Sport Editors’ Blog)

State Councilor urges better implementation of anti-doping regulation (People’s Daily Online)

WADA asks China to increase doping tests for athletes (Voice of America)

Smog casts a cloud over Beijing (BBC)

Coastal city pulsates with Beijing (People’s Daily Online)


Nike opens on Wangfujing Dajie

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For non-Beijing-fluent CSB readers, Wangfujing Dajie (“Wangfujing Big Street”) is the central shopping district in Beijing, especially for the well-to-do, and of course, foreign visitors. It’s located just due east of Tiananmen Square and the Forbidden City in central Beijing. Today, Nike opened its flagship store there, with the help of 2004 Olympic gold medalist Liu Xiang, sure to be the face of next year’s Beijing Olympics.

Nike opens flagship store in Beijing (Presseportal)

Lonely Planet’s Beijing Map (Wangfujing Dajie is just to the right of the Forbidden City)


Olympic business

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Volunteer and computer systems and venues…oh my.

Recruitment of Hong Kong volunteers for Beijing Olympic and Paralympic Games (Media-Newswire.com)

Beijing awards top ten volunteers (China Daily)

Lenovo becomes official computing supplier for Olympic Games (itvarnews.net)

Shunyi Olympic Park almost ready (CCTV.com)

Chinese take “branding” to new level (CNBC) – Editor’s note: Always nice to see Western business reporters following Chinese companies, and in this case, it’s a big ‘un: Li Ning, the company that signed Shaquille O’Neal last summer to a distribution deal for Dunkman sneakers in China. Li Ning, of course, is China’s “prince of gymnastics,” a multiple medalist at the 1984 Olympics in Los Angeles and a true Chinese business success story. He’s also a warm and decent person…I met him last summer at the Shaq-fest (think laser lights and dry ice in one of Beijing’s best hotels – all that for a press conference) and was really impressed with him as a person, as well as a business executive and Olympic legend.

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