Chinese Sports Pages

By way of introduction…From February 2005 until June 2006 I directed the new sports journalism program at Shantou University, Guangdong Province, China. During my time at Shantou, students from my classes prepared reports on many aspects of Chinese sport. The students, most of whom are fluent in three to four languages, took on the challenge of writing English-language news articles about sports with great enthusiasm and determination. The best of these pieces are included on this website for reference by those wishing to understand more about China’s traditional sports culture – especially those sports you might not have known about, like dragon-boat racing, shuttlecock, and Chinese chess (yes, chess is considered a sport in China).

I’ve made a special note on the pages for which content was contributed by Shantou University students. Also, please feel free to check out the home page for Shantou and for the 2005 World Table Tennis Championships project undertaken by the students – links to both can be found on the “Links” section of this website’s home page.